Few people if any have not heard of Bitcoin & the associated currencies that have arrived on the investment scene in the last few years.
Whilst the more conservative investor will tend to shy away from this area for many reasons e.g. the unknown tax implications going forward, the volatility of the market, & the untested by time nature of the investment it is still something that needs to be considered in a new age balanced portfolio.
There are two popular investment platforms that are used by a large percentage of smaller to medium investors

Bitcoin trading.
Similar to the Forex market( and in some cases included in it) This method places trades on the anticipated movement of the asset. Generally paid monthly all the accumulated profit or part of if you are growing your capital base, (in turn increasing the monthly payout)

Bitcoin mining.
This allows you to buy into a share of a miners activities pays daily & profits can be drawn at anytime. Various currencies & returns are dependent on the different mining costs.